RedMarkets drabble the third — Sarge has the tactics

Well, this is turning into a series. Drabble the First here, Drabble the Second here.

Hat tip to  Sixpenceee  who posted to Tumblr and  BastLynn  who's Tumblr I saw it on.

Hat tip to Sixpenceee who posted to Tumblr and BastLynn who's Tumblr I saw it on.

“What do you think? Auction the location off or strip it ourselves?” Pixie said, gesturing behind her.

Sarge looked back at the mill, shading his eyes against the setting sun. Four or five levels, fenced in site, extracting the steel for recycling. He turned back and continued walking towards the already-dying-before-the-Crash town. There wouldn’t be much stock waiting to be turned into steel on-site, not with the mill already heading towards closing. They’d really need at least one eighteen wheeler, preferably more, to make this kind of score worthwhile.


“Forge you think? They’re situated on an old foundry.”

“Bit far. Don’t think they’d want to risk their trucks getting out here. Not really worth it otherwise.” Sarge focused on a house at the end of the lane for a moment — thought he’d saw movement in the windows. Another second and the curtain flapped back across the window. There was a breeze, it probably wasn’t an ambush.

Pixie sighed. “That’s a lot of steel to just abandon to rust and ruin.”

“Get Mort in front of the council. Enclave expedition back here, haul the stock back home, sell it on to Forge. Fund that fence upgrade and new houses we need. Need the Fencemen crew for security anyway, scrapping everything is going to be loud.”

“Ah. Yeah. That could work. I’ll pitch it to Mort at dinner.”

Sarge nodded and focused on the creek two hundred yards ahead. He appreciated Pixie's focus on the strategy level stuff — the kid was going honestly the only reason the two of them had a shot at getting out of this hell someday.

Waterway ahead still looked low and clear. Sarge waved at Mort to hurry it up a bit. The man was a good negotiator, just could not seem to ever improve that cardio of his, no matter how many times they all went over the fence.

Another Red Markets Drabble

Well, I thought was done with the previous Red Markets drabble, but then I saw this photo by Marchand Meffre. Hat tip to ElayesIldogan who posted it Tumblr and Xen0phile who's Tumblr I saw it on.

Mort grabbed the guardrail and wheezed a moment. He hated stairs. Hated heights, hated these rickety, decaying messes of forgotten civilization...

“You need a moment?” Pixie whispered.


“Sure we can, nobody’s made a bloody screaming mess yet. Better to catch your breath now than when we have Casualties bearing down on us.”

Mort just shook his head and hauled himself forward up the stairs after Sarge. The big man and his comfortingly-large pistol were on the next landing, carefully scanning the path forward. Mort didn’t want to find out how Sarge would live up to his reputation for verbally taking the hide off of folks who pissed him off if Mort forced too much separation between Sarge and Pixie. The kid might not know it, or might just be keeping it professional in the field, but Mort could see the signs. Sarge was keeping his sanity together by watching out for the kid.

“Last time I go into the field...” Mort muttered, finally creeping up to Sarge’s position.

Pixie and Sarge snorted simultaneously. 

“That’s what you said the last job Mort. And the time before that. Office door is 150 yards down the hall here. Pixie, rear. Mort, warm up your Ubiq specs.”