Aesthetic Terrorist

It's a talent, I'll admit. Not one I ever wanted and certainly one I've tried my damnedest to eradicate. But no matter how much I study, theory of pleasure, neuropsychology, color theory, music appreciation, art history, everything I've been able to get my hands on, it just seems to get worse.

It might be time to finally accept my friends’ nickname for me as the honest truth.

I am an aesthetic terrorist.

Every artistic endeavor I've tried, from painting to simply sharing the cool new song I heard, everything just goes wrong. They freeze in fear, curl up sobbing from terrible memories brought to the forefront, get migraines from looking at whatever cool thing I found today, ruined entire genres of music for them, or… I mean, one time, my friend Sam developed seizures after watching a video I made for class. I was just practicing some key-frame animation techniques, it's not like there were any flashing lights in there! She'd never had a seizure before. Not until she met me.

So… I have anti-taste apparently. I've tried, actually, only picking things I think folks will hate to show them. That's just worse. Then they think it's mediocre and are kinda bleh for a few hours. I timed it.

There's got to be a way to do something with this though. For good I mean, not torturing folks. I can't go through life never touching art again… Maybe as an art critic? No, that’ll just be getting attention to apparently terrible art.

::sighs:: Guess I'm going through with this revenge plan of Sam’s then. Her ex really was an asshole, emotionally abusive at the end there. Time to replace all the music on their phone then. I'll start with that new genre someone mentioned online the other day. I've been meaning to check out Simpsonwave.