Gaming and Energy Levels Afterwards

I like hanging out with folks but eventually they're just exhausting, and I need to do my own thing for a while. And sometimes (frequently) I don't actually know what I'm feeling until I paused and check in on my own mental state. Or everything builds up enough that it's like getting hit upside the head with an emotional clue bat. Either way.

The point though, is that lately I've been using how tired and/or wanting to retreat from the world I am after gaming sessions in order to figure if I enjoyed myself. It's not a binary (tired = bad session, excited = good), but it is a useful metric for myself. For both one-shots and campaigns, at least if there's a recurring pattern to the campaign episodes. 

So far, the results have been: 

Energized — a lot of fun and I'm probably already planning things to do next session (sorry Chris. Craig is just a lot of fun to scare you with.) 

Neither energized or tired — eh, I didn't have much screen time and the other players weren't all that engaging to me. 

Tired but want to hang out with Partner — good session that was either long or contained material I found challenging to role play. 

Tired and don't want to interact — session was a slog.

Thankfully there haven't been many type fours recently, but what there have been have reconfirmed I am still the type of player more focused on the overall plot than anything else. Combat sessions can be a type one or two, but if I don't know how it advances the plot or gets our party towards a goal, I get bored. No matter how cool the combat was.

Perils of being a cooperativist, I suppose. I just can't get into it solely to look cool. Not trying to yuck on anyone else's fun with that, just how I prefer to play.

No wonder I like mystery games. There's a structured goal.  😁