Rejection and Acceptance

As expected, I was not selected by PostHumans Studios for this project.

Well, I'm assuming that since it is 5 days past the day they said assignments would go out, a first draft would be due in four days, and I haven't heard from them. It's not unexpected, nor was I counting on getting it for any reason, but you know. It would have been really cool if I had. Any way, I've tossed my pitch email into my writing group to be savagely torn apart so the next one will be better. 

On the acceptance side, I've got four (oh gods...) freelancing contracts lined up — one writing and three editing. Two (the writing and an editing) are in the Red Markets universe, which always makes me excited. One was contingent on a Kickstarter making, which it did, so now I'll be editing goblins having crazy adventures in a post-apocalypse, post-human world — 'ooooh, what's this do?' BOOM 'I'm okay!' 'You lost a leg! That'll take a week to regrow!' — in January after the last of the play testing wraps up over the holidays. The last one is really the most tentative contract as it too is contingent on a Kickstarter, which hasn't started yet, making its goal. If it makes, it's not on the plate until January either but I'm hopeful and looking forward to space adventures.