An Update on Processes

Thought I'd check back in with y'all, let you know how the new writing processes are working out. And the answer is: Mostly good!

As it works out, I need to leave 15 minute earlier than I thought to get to work on-time. So no walking to the metro and having a few stops with Partner :( But, it does mean I'm consistently getting 15 minutes of writing in the morning. As long as I have a topic in mind before I start. So, I know which side of the Metro car to sit on to avoid most of the sun glare now. :)

Writing on the way home isn't working as well — there isn't room to sit down most evenings and I don't have room for standing and swiping text in that situation either. Oh well. I'm usually brain dead and getting towards hangry at that point, so not so sure the quality would be there.

Typically, I am spending some time finishing out my thoughts the evening before posting. But it is less time and I think I'm getting slightly longer posts, so win-win there.

One of the things I am definitely spending more time on is editing. This swiping keyboard is faster than typing was before it. Which means I can make mistakes a lot faster! I'm hoping the predictive algorithms get better as I use it and feed it more data, plus I learn how to use it better. But in the meantime, more time finding and fixing correctly spelled word salads.

Even with the longer commute, I usually have about an hour in the apartment to myself before Partner gets home. I've been try to do the social media stuff I've taken on in that time. When it's not my turn to cook dinner. Doesn't always work — I have a tendency to forget to eat a snack, be hungry, and putter about tidying stuff up.

I'm still battling the feeling of trying to catch-up from all the things set aside for conventions in August, new things added to the life to-do list from moving, AND all the ones from starting the new job. It's at the point of spending my lunches dealing with some of those instead of editing Red Markets. Which is frustrating. I want to finish this last pass for milestone one (also known as the clarity pass) and do my part to keep everything moving forward.

That is what I really need to figure out and build a habit around: setting aside some time (preferably an hour minimum) to write. I don't want it to be that hour between getting home and Partner getting home because sometimes it gets cut short by staying late at work, making dinner, or being hungry. Also, writing is more fun to interact over with Partner than dealing with social media.

I'll figure it out.