More Story: The Secret Door

Back in the same campaign that spawned ‘Dead Bum Acquisition Squad’, my friend Adam was playing a troll. This troll was, like many trolls in the ShadowRun universe, not the brightest. He was, in fact, down right dim. And Adam had the worst time rolling for this character (who’s name I’ve forgotten - he’s getting retroactively renamed Thog).

So the Squad was tasked with tracking down a Geomancer who’d gone into hiding. We went to their address of residence, just to get a starting point. Dude was good enough at his job to live in the penthouse. Of a forty floor apartment building. So he was doing well. Probably why he was the target of a corporate ‘do the job or die’ offer.

We take the elevator up to the Penthouse and step out into the vestibule. Everyone looks around for anything unusual (i.e. check the room for traps/hidden doors/etc.) and Thog critically glitches his roll.

“There’s a secret door guys, it’s right here!”

The rest of the party manages to convince Thog not to try the “secret door” and we all head into the apartment. Fifteen minutes of searching, observing, and (fruitless) clue-gathering later, we all troop back out into the vestibule. Everyone makes a perception test again, and Thog critically glitches again.

“No really, it’s right here!” ::punches wall:: ::fist goes through wall into the electrics and pipes in the wall::

Pause around the table.

GM: “Roll a d6 to see if that was a load-bearing wall.”

The dice skitter across the table…

“Is that a one?”

“Good thing we’re on the top floor…”