Monsters and Other Childish Things, Road Trip!

The Technical Difficulties crew is going to start a campaign in Monsters and Other Childish Things soon, playing a remix of Ross Payton's campaign Road Trip, so I thought I'd share my character.

This concept originally started as 'a girl and her beholder' with the idea that she'd be the Dungeon Master for the kids' Dungeon and Dragons game and her monster would hide as her copy of the Dungeon Master's Guide. But then I started reading through the Baby Bestiary and got to the Blink Puppy. It very quickly became 'a girl and her dog, who happens to be a teleporting horror from beyond time and space. Who just wants to play fetch.'

Not having to ask the rest of the gaming group to incorporate my driving idea into their characters was also a nice bonus. Because there's cool ideas, and then there's cool ideas that the group should agree on as the motivating idea behind the game when you start, not in the middle of stuff kicking around in your brain.

I'll be honest, I wasn't getting real excited about this character; I'd put too much of what I remember myself as like at age 11 into Danielle, so it didn't feel like a character you know? It was going to be fine, I'd have a good time that would get better as the campaign progressed because I was confident I'd give her room to turn into her own character. But then our GM (hi Greg!) asked us for 'the bad thing we've done', and I came up with one that made me very happy. I'm just going to quote the email I sent Greg:

Stole Jak-Jak.

The plushie that Jak-Jak hides as was supposed to be a birthday present for her younger sister Liz, but Danielle substituted one of her newer stuffed animals that Liz liked into the box her parents were going to use for Liz’s birthday present and then wrapped it up herself. She hides Jak-Jak’s plushie in her backpack at all times.

Gift to the GM that is :D

If I was rewriting that idea now, I'd make the gift giver be distant relatives who sent the stuffed animal in one of those open bags you shove tissue paper in and Danielle saw it in the mail and made the substitution before her parents ever saw it. Just for logistical reasons because right now I have to wonder what they were thinking when Liz opened her present and it wasn't the toy they'd bought. But other than that, I'm pleased by Danielle being sneaky but also making sure she gave her sister a toy Liz actually liked (in my mind it's the stuffed tiger Liz was always "borrowing" from Danielle's room).

Really looking forward to getting this campaign going.