Cutting back on projects

I've got too many ‘projects’/things going on. Most aren't visible through this blog (I think) and that's actually part of the problem. They're support things, not writing things which is, at least supposedly, my main creative area.

Things I am currently trying to keep moving forward (in no particular order), by type:
Family stuff:

  1. Family time
  2. Organizing the apartment
  3. Household chores
  4. Reading
  5. Gym

The first one is non-negotiable for I hope obvious reasons. Organizing the new apartment (or as Partner likes to call it: ‘nesting’) should eventually be a completed project and absolutely needs to happen for both of us to feel comfortable and happy in our space. Because if we’re not happy, we won’t recharge from coming home and definitely won’t be able to work. So there would go any of my other projects. Chores / adulting have to happen to continue being able to function/feed ourselves, so that has to happen too. Personally I dislike the gym (I'm bored there) but I need to for health reasons (job I sit at all day) so I take a book and read while I cycle for 30 minutes. Just have to start the habit up again in the new apartment building’s gym.

Social stuff

  1. Group chat
  2. RPPR & D&U forums
  3. Blog posting
  4. Tumblr
  5. Scribophile groups
  6. GoodReads updating
  7. GoodReads groups

The group chat for fans of RPPR coordinating going to meals together at GenCon 2015 sort of… metastasized into a general chat hangout. It's turned into my primary non-family social outlet and what I'm distracted by at work (trust me, if it wasn't this, there’d be something else). I like talking to these folks, so not giving this up. Especially since I think it fits into down moments I wouldn't be doing other things. I like checking in once a day with the forums for my two favorite podcasts, so keeping that (even if I do think I should post more and lurk less). Keeping my commitment to blog twice a week gets me to write, even if it’s a different type of writing than my main goal (fiction), so that’s staying. Also, you know, this post probably wouldn’t be going up if I was going to cut out the blogging. So that kind of speaks for itself. Tumblr might be my biggest time sink buuuuut I kinda want to keep doing it. A lot. I’ve kept up with news and general internet chicanery through RSS feeds for years, but thinking about sharing content through my Tumblr blog gets me to look at / read through more, which I think is good for my engagement with the world…

I don’t currently have anything going through critique on Scribophile, nor time soon to put in a round of critique through the Fast Critters’ group on Scribophile, nor really time to keep up with the forums… Forums are difficult/hard for how I think about interacting. I don’t have enough time or attention span to respond to them in real time and then when I get back to them, I generally feel overwhelmed by all the discussions that happened. So it’s hard to catch up to see if I have anything to say. RPPR and The Drunk & The Ugly’s forums seem to be my exception to that general pattern though. Any rate, same problem with GoodReads’ groups. So I’m going to set those two aside for now, see if I miss the interaction or feel differently in a few months. I do plan to keep with by fellow bloggers’ group on Scribophile though. Too much good writing to drop that. As for keeping my ‘stuff’ on GoodReads up to date, I’m going to stop feeling like I have to do that and see if I just want to update what I’m reading or rate things once I finish a book. It’s there. I know it’s there. We’ll see what happens with it.

Hobbies & Writing

  1. Red Markets Editing
  2. Red Markets Convention packet
  3. GMing @ WashingCon
  4. Technical Difficulties
  5. Dangers of Fraternization
  6. The Night Clerk
  7. General Backlog of writing ideas

I get paid for editing Red Markets, that’s not going anywhere. I’ve got this thing about following through on my word, you see.

I think the convention packet for Red Markets is where most of my creative energy is going right now. See, this guy in one of the social media groups for Red Markets said ‘wouldn’t it be great if someone put together a packet for GM’s to be able to teach the game to new players at a convention? Anyone interested in working on that with me?’ Well, both Partner and I said ‘yes’ so we’ve been working with this guy Tom to write that up and refine it. Or pare down the available rules to a quick-and-dirty guide. Six of one… We tried out what we had at GenCon and now are working to revise it based on feedback in time for WashingCon. Where we’ll solicit another round of feedback on improvements. End result eventually, hopefully being that we have a well put together tool for GMs, both new and experienced, to run an enjoyable introductory game of Red Markets for both new and experienced players. Because we want to evangelize the system. But yeah. Set project. Definable goals. Actual project management  tools in use (that reminds me, I should try using Trello for one of my other projects and write up a review for y’all next Monday…) I’m not pulling back on my involvement in this project. As for GMing at WashingCon, 1) I’ve said I’m going to, so I need to, 2) I think my game at WashingCon is already full of people (meep!...), and 3) it’s in three weeks and then it’ll be done. It’s fine. It’s fine. It’s all fine.

Technical Difficulties is usually one of my two main creative energy outlets (the other being writing), it’s just that summer made our schedule go a bit wonky. But I remember the difference in my mood when I picked up gaming again. It's necessary for my mental health and happiness. It's why I try to talk Partner into playing with the TD group as often as I can – I like it, I want to spend time with Partner, and I want to share.

The rest just has to go on the back-burner until editing on Red Markets is done. Or I’ve cleared off enough of the time-bound projects to free up some time for them. Dangers next, then Night Clerk, then pull something out of the backlog into it’s own project. Like in 2 years. Man, I hope it doesn’t take me that long to work through Night Clerk…

The final list of stuff I’m going to continue pushing forward:

  1. Family time
  2. Organizing the apartment
  3. Household chores
  4. Reading
  5. Gym
  6. Group chat
  7. RPPR & D&U forums
  8. Blog posting
  9. Tumblr
  10. Red markets editing
  11. Red Markets convention packet
  12. GMing @ WashingCon
  13. Technical Difficulties

I can handle 13 things. I think.