Review Time: No Security by Caleb Stokes

Hey all, life has a lot going on this month and the whole three day weekend, while lovely, has really been playing merry hell with my perception of which day of the week it is... So, have a review of No Security: Horror Scenarios in the Great Depression by Caleb Stokes I wrote on GoodReads.


No Security is an excellent source of horror system-less scenarios. The scenarios focus on creating a cohesive narrative and clues for game masters to completely terrify their players with, rather than any mechanics. This leads to highly adaptable scenarios, as full and ready to run in your favorite horror RPG system whether that's Call of Cthulhu, Gumshoe, Delta Green, or any other system, narrative or simulationist. 

Narratively, each scenario is complete unto itself and very creepy. The 'monster' of each one is original to this source – experienced players/readers of the Cthulhu mythos will be surprised by these monsters. Reading the scenarios from the mindset of a GM, I still followed the narrative like a player and found myself taking breaks in order to recover from being creeped out a bit and to think more about / enjoy the scenario. I highly recommend this collection of scenarios to anyone who plays horror RPGs or anyone looking for inspiration for their own horror stories.

Actual play episodes of three of the No Security scenarios, as run by the author:
The Wives of March, Part One and Part Two
Bryson Springs