Dead Bum Acquisition Squad

Back during my first Shadow Run campaign, shortly after graduating college, I made a mistake. During a planning session for our latest job, I told the story of Operation Mincemeat during World War 2.

For those without a stupid high level of WW2 trivia knowledge, Operation Mincemeat was a false information operation pulled off by British Intelligence in the run up to D-Day. The Allies were going to be invading continental Europe and boy, did Intelligence know it was going to be bloody. But if they could get the German command to believe they were coming from somewhere other than the beaches at Normandy, it'd be ... less bloody.

So British Intelligence created the man who never was. They found an unclaimed body of someone who'd died of pneumonia (so it'd look like he drowned), made up a name, put materials in his pockets to support the legend they built for him, chained a briefcase full of papers (some relevant, some not) to his wrist, set the body adrift toward the Spanish shores, and (if I recall correctly) put an announcement in their own papers about a ship having gone down in the area they set the body adrift. Spain, although nominally neutral, was known to let German intelligence in on information.

British Intelligence was so thorough about creating this legend for the man who never was that the photograph of his supposed girlfriend in his wallet had been folded and unfolded for hours, to look like it was frequently handled.

Having told the shorter version of this bit of history at the gaming table, my teammates promptly sent their characters to acquire the body of a homeless person, still on the streets of future Seattle. Once acquire, he was cleaned-up and propped up in the car our Rigger promptly crashed into the target building.

And the third time we use this trick in the campaign, our hacker said it was time to dispatch the Dead Bum Acquisition Squad. And thus, we were forever named.

Including in Rock Band.