Story Time

July and early August are just a smorgasbord of travel and then moving apartments and well, I have a feeling the blogging is going to suffer for it. Fair warning. But today, a story. A story from the three year long Exalted campaign I was part of in college.

First, I was the newbie at the table. Two of the guys had been playing since they were preteens and GMing nearly as long. Third dude had gamed in high school, while I hadn't started until freshman year of college. At the time of this story, we were all juniors and I was still unsure about my ability to describe anything or contribute to the story beyond rolling the dice.

Secondly, Exalted had (has? haven't played any of the newer editions) a mechanic where you got extra dice on your roll if you described what you were doing. One die for describing it at all, two for interesting description, three for excellent description, as arbitrated by the GM. 

By this point we'd been playing for about a year, with two of the guys alternating GMing each week (they both wanted to GM and to play. It worked out.) I had gotten in the habit (finally) of describing with every roll and occasionally managed a two-die bonus, but consistently clocked in at one-die with both GMs.

I was playing a Night-caste Solar (don't get me started, the game was anime as all get out, okay?) which basically meant the sneaky dex-thief. I didn't hit much in combat (yet) but dang could I get in the enemies' face fast and dodge whatever they threw at me. This being Exalted, every player had a magical weapon: mine was a fighting chain that, when I pumped a little magic into it, turned into an electrified chain with lightning arcing down it.

So we were in this temple, fighting the low-level "they're everywhere!" antagonists of the setting, doing I don't remember what. Probably trying to reclaim an artifact somebody owned in a previous life (I mentioned the anime as all get out, right?). Being the skinny, sneaky, bouncy character I'm in the back when a couple enemies come out to whale upon the characters. Big and brawny go to the front, blows are exchanged, and then it's my turn.

"So, Che'ain [my character], what are you going to do?" (I cannot emphasize enough how anime these characters were...)
"I run forward and baseball slide between the legs of the guy on the left, holding my chain stretched out over my head."

All three guys at the table crossed their legs.

And I got my first three-die bonus.