About that Editing Thing

Editing the player's section of Red Markets has been my primary focus for a couple of weeks now, but I felt like I needed to ramp it up with the Kickstarter winding down (1448 backers! whoo!). Which got me to wrap of the clarity pass last Sunday (the 19th, not the 26th) and enforcing the style guide on Saturday (the 25th).

First, thank goodness for control+F.

Second, thank goodness for Find and Replace.

Look, I don't know how copy editors did this before the age of computers without going insane. By the time I finished enforcing capitalization choices with these lovely tools, my eyes were crossing to the point that 'upkeep' looked funny. I don't know what it was, but putting a 'p' and a 'k' next to each other just made the word look wrong. Somehow. I did eventually figure out that was the correct spelling. I'm just saying, I can't imagine going through a physical document line-by-line, red pen in one hand and a copy of the project style guide in the other. I think my eyes would slide over so many things...

So, salutes to the copy editors of yore and everyone who still works that magic by hand.

Now that I've got the ten pages of style guide (three and a half of which are just what gets capitalized and what doesn't), I'm on to the hard pass – trimming the word count down. It's the hard pass because the author is bloody good at this whole writing thing. Which means that thoughts build up on each other from each sentence. And there's very few obvious digressions within a sentence to cut out. Which is, you know, an extremely good problem to have – I'll enjoy going over this thing line-by-line because I'll like what I'm reading.

Won't prevent me from going a little cross-eyed on the third read-through, looking for another couple hundred words to cut. But I'll enjoy it.