Last push on the Red Markets Kickstarter

So by the time this goes up, the project I've been editing in all of my spare time since late May, the Red Markets Kickstarter, will have less than two days before it wraps up. As of this writing, the 60K stretch goal has been unlocked so we're going to get the Gaming the System Guide – Caleb’s part design analysis, part advice document on how to make the Profit system drive other settings.

Now, this being my Monday post which is my writing day, I know y'all are mostly here for that side of things, but please do check out the Kickstarter. Even if you've never played a role-playing game, I think this is a good system to check out the hobby with. And it's a great system for exploring a variety of stories in an economically scarce setting.

As I've said, I’m the editor on this project. And, as much as this makes my health-economics trained partner despair, a solid chunk of my reasoning behind signing onto the project was “ooooh, I’ll get to see the rules sooner.” Yup, unabashed nerd. Which is honestly how I got this job.

So Caleb Stokes, the author, offered up a previous version of the rules for play testing to the Role Playing Public Radio community last summer. I'd heard discussions about the system and the setting and so rather wanted to play. Buuuut, I didn't have a group I thought I could talk into playing just then (or meet regularly enough to provide decent play testing notes). But I really wanted to at least read the rules. Maybe I could provide feedback from just reading the rules? That wouldn't really help with how things got played, which was (presumably) what Caleb really needed. Oh, I know! I'll copy edit the whole thing!!

And somehow, it never occurred to me to stop that project when I found out the beta rules version was 250+ pages (in Microsoft Word). Nor when I found an online gaming group who wanted to play Red Markets.

So yeah, I copy edited 250+ pages. Because I thought that was a fair trade for getting to read Caleb's intellectual property for free. So I emailed that off. And a week or so later, I got an email back.

"Would you be interested in some paid work on the next draft?"


And that's how I got on my first RPG editing job. :D