On to Editing

With half the votes, Poor Private Collins is my next writing project. Hurray small sample sizes! (Seriously, with four votes, two people got to decide what I'll write next.)

So, I thought I'd have a week or two between when the last post went up and editing Red Markets would get started. But uh, well. No. Caleb is a smart project manager and sent me a contract for building the project style guide pretty much as soon as he caught his breath from the pledges blasting through his goal. On day one of the Kickstarter. :) 

The project style guide is done and hopefully in use by a freelancer or two by now. As for me, I'm on to editing the player's section of the core book. Roughly 98K words in this section, which comes out to 195 pages in Word. I've got a day job so most of the work on this project has been happening during my lunch break (and whatever time I can squeeze out after dinner). With that consideration, I'm quite pleased to be on page 94 at this point. Less pleased that I'd intended this pass to be the 'kill-your-darlings' pass and it's turning into the clarity check. (Kill-your-darlings is a phrase at least a few writers I know use for taking out those lovely turns of phrase which have made it through iteration upon iteration of writing but don't work so well anymore, because all the surrounding text has changed.) A clarity pass is absolutely necessary to be sure, but wouldn't it'd be more effective to check for clarity after cutting text? Oh well, I knew there'd be multiple passes through this document.

Time to ignore some household chores and devote more time to editing. Aiming to get through the gear list in the next day or two.