Red Markets Kickstarter is Live!

I am super excited, the Kickstarter to publish Red Markets is live today! I've loved listening to the RPPR play-test campaign, loved getting to play this myself through the open play-test, and am looking forward to more games struggling against the apocalypse, in order to pay rent.

This game, written by Caleb Stokes, really dives into an aspect of role-playing games I haven't seen before – being on the sharp end of Capitalism's stick. The rules are as simple or crunchy as you want to play, the system keeps the prep weight off the GM's shoulders, and the players have a lot of say in the world. But you know, don't listen to me, Caleb's ad copy is much better. Check out the Kickstarter: 

Red Markets Kickstarter

And, two interviews he's given about the game, one on Roleplaying Exchange and one on Legends of Tabletop