The apocalypse happened, and I'm its editor

It's been a year and a half of doing a lot of new things for me. In that time, I started writing, learned to use new software (Scrivener), started critiquing other people's writing and began learning how to receive critiques, taught myself a little bit of graphic design, designed a book cover, printed a book through my local library's print on demand machine, started playing tabletop role-playing games regularly with strangers (now friends) over the internet, started blogging again, started using social media (regularly), wrote several short stories, and started a podcast (Technical Difficulties) with said now-friends.  

And on Monday, the Technical Difficulties crew interviewed Caleb Stokes of Hebanon Games about Red Markets and the upcoming Kickstarter campaign for it. 

This was especially awesome to me because we as a group formed specifically in order to play-test the Red Markets system. As you may notice from the number of episodes of Red Markets we've posted (campaign's not going to finish posting until June either). And once the Kickstarter makes, I'm on-tap as the editor for the project. A job I got because of the beta Caleb released – basically I really wanted to read the book, didn't think I was very good at giving feedback based on just reading the rules, and didn't (yet) have a group I could play with to do a play-test. So I went through and copy-edited all 250 pages. Guess Caleb liked the quality of my work.

So the interview. One of the things I thought was nice was that we could go more in-depth with the game and Caleb's process to get it this far, instead of spending a lot of time on the basics of what the system is, because of how much time we've spent playing the game already. And because we're all fans of Caleb's work from Role Playing Public Radio actual plays, we could talk about Caleb's progression from designing scenarios to a campaign to this particular complete system.

The Kickstarter opens up on May 23rd and our interview will going up on the 30th. I'll post links on those days and I hope you'll check it out. There's not many games where the apocalypse has happened but the rent is still due.