Gaming while sick

Last Sunday I woke up at 6am with a migraine. Let me correct that: I woke up at 6am because I had a migraine. Migraines are something I get on occasion, usually if I eat something I shouldn't have (it's a longish list of 'shouldn't have', so sometimes I mess up), meaning I am familiar with how they feel and usually which type I have (ate something, not enough water, or sick) based on what the pain feels like. Now, normally I'd just do what I needed to in order to get through it and get back to sleep. Best method for me is to try and sleep through migraines. But whatever I did, I wasn't getting back to sleep this time, and I had gaming later that day.

1) I don't like canceling on people at the last minute and
2) We've been playing Shadow Run for about a year now and have had 19 sessions. Scheduling has been difficult.

So I wanted to go. But on the other hand, I was also making sure I knew where the trashcan was at all times, just in case I needed to vomit from this thing. But I really did want to go.

What eventually decided me was that this was going to be a combat session. We'd left off last time at the start of combat and most of the session was going to have to deal with that. My role-playing wasn't going to be up to my own standards, but I needed to be doing tactical thinking more than role-playing so I'd be able to get away with that. 

Also, the ibuprofen started kicking in.

So off we went to gaming. I may not have gotten as much fun out of gaming that day as usual, or gotten as excited as usual by pulling of awesome rolls or tactical maneuvers, and I may not have contributed a lot to the other player's fun. Coming out of the last session, because of a couple setting pieces, we thought this session was going to be focused on my character and the other primarily physical (as opposed to magically) combat focused character. But the other one got mind controlled into a murderous, berserker rage and I was not as present as I wanted to be, so the session ended up focusing on our magic user (who's been the focus due to being team leader, excellent role-playing, and having given the GM a lot of plot hooks to use). So being not a hundred percent probably altered the narrative just a bit.

But I didn't prevent everyone's fun by forcing a reschedule. And some days, that's enough.