Scenario building of the idea of a 'Giftschrank'

A little bit of stream of consciousness scenario planning.

Giftschrank, a poison cabinet. A place to store dangerous materials such that the only folks with access are the ones who will do legit academic research on the materials.

Well, doesn't that just scream set piece for Call of Cthulhu, Delta Green, or Eclipse Phase. So now I have something I strongly want to make into a game, but it's a setting piece, not plot. And more than setting, it's really just the name for a setting. But it's a name that suggests the purpose...

Alright, use Eclipse Phase because I know the system and world better (and I rather play Eclipse Phase than Delta Green or CoC, just personal preference). Giftschrank. A collection separated from the rest of the library holdings for safety sake. Into an informational biohazard zone. Well, that fits with some ideas in Eclipse Phase better than Lovecraftian mythos anyway – Lovecraft, you'd have to (somewhat) understand the information for it to drive you mad; Eclipse Phase, your brain can be hacked just by exposure.

Okay, so informational biohazard zone. Well, whatever this is, it'll probably be located on an exoplanet then. For isolation. For safety. For being able to nuke it from orbit quietly if (when) things go wrong.

What is the most dangerous information in the Eclipse Phase universe? Artificial Seed Intelligence code, exsurgent virus/code samples, basilisk hack code, ... lots of options.

So who's running the Giftschrank? If we're on an exoplanet, it has to be a faction with access to a Pandora's Gate, which doesn't really narrow down the options. Could be a hypercorporation who came out through the gate on Mars - they'd be happy to weaponize TITAN tech. Could be a Firewall pragmatist's base, trying to understand what they're up against. Argonauts, they'll try to learn anything. 

And honestly, it's Eclipse Phase. Should you really trust the GM when they tell you who runs the base?

Alright, so I've got some setting, an idea of what's in the base, and possibilities of who's running the base. Now, what's the plot?

Well, obviously someone attacked the base, stole some code, blew it all up, and are now high-tailing it across planet to disappear through the second Pandora Gate on planet. The players should be the on-base security team (who got done blown up) getting an emergency resleeve at the off-site back-up facility. And now we have a capture the flag scenario, with the players needing to engage in asymmetrical warfare against the attackers as everyone moves across the planet. Win condition: the players prevent the attackers from making it off planet with the research and materials from the Giftschrank facility AND the attackers don't have time to integrate any of their brain meats with the stolen code. Aiee. Especially if that stolen code is sections of ASI code. That produces baby TITANS that does. Lose conditions: players are killed. attackers make it off-planet with some to all of the stolen research.

But is this twisty enough for Eclipse Phase? Some of the big ideas in EP are about identity, and reality, and the perils of technology. So to cover that, I should play with hints that you aren't who you think you are (psychosurgery? straight up been lied to? fork-napped?) and/or the attackers aren't who they appear to be...

I think I'll leave it there, just in case I do manage to carve out the time to turn this into a proper scenario (got to build that exoplanet and terrain map) AND folks I play with read this post. No spoilers and all ;)


Couple ideas for a title though:
The Flag is an Idea
Poison Closet (real original this one, but I think it'd capture the feel I'd want to start with)