Scheduling difficulties

Life intervened last week in the form of the GM's car breaking down. So you know, no session. And tonight we're going to be playing a one-shot because we'll be lacking a player because family stuff. So the finale, the very last session of our Red Markets playtest, is going to be removed from the planning session – where we formulated our brilliant caper – by three weeks.

I'm understanding why people binge-watch television shows. Maintains the tension better.

On the one hand, that'll be an option for folks listening to our sessions whenever they all make it online. On the other, for us the players, well, I'm mentally comparing it to writing. Sometimes you work and work and work over the penultimate scene until you throw up your hands and walk away from the project for a couple weeks to clear your head. By the time you come back, you need to reread the previous scene to have any idea what the heck you were intending to do with that finale.

Improvising off of a good group of role-players is easier though. The finale is a bit less satisfying than writing though. At least for me. I can go back and reread up through the finale and have all the tension built back up again.