Where I am - state of the project #1

So (which is apparently my favorite word to start a post with) I've got this project. The first writing project I did, The Wages of Sin, clocked in at about 21.5K words and my partner kept calling it a book, while I kept insisting that it was a novella, there's actual industry guidelines on which is which, and I'm not denigrating my abilities by calling it a novella instead of a novel, it's the technical term dang it!

This time, the word count is sitting at 40,217 words before final revision, which according to Wikipedia, quoting the Science Fiction and Fantasy Writers of America definitions for the Nebula award categories, means I've just edged into the novel category.

My partner is doing the 'I told you so' dance.

But any rate. I've got all 40K words in 16 'chapter' chunks, plus another 120ish words in a blurb, being looked at by Scribophile folks.
4 critiques, 3 comments on the blurbs
9 critiques on chapter 1
3 critiques on chapter 2
2 critiques on chapter 3
2 critiques on chapter 4
2 critiques and 1 comment on chapter 5 - someone say the title and dropped by to say it caught their attention and they like it. Encouraging and nice to hear. 
Oh and 1 critique on chapters 15 and 2 on chapter 16 because I asked a couple folks  to work backwards to work around natural tendencies in critiquing in order to concentrate on copy-editing. And they were nice enough to say yes.

I've got some amazing folks looking at things as fast as their own lives allows them and I need to critique their writing, because swapping is a much easier way to get things looked at than just asking folks to look at things. I've got 39 chapters to critique for Jay, 3 for Sid, 1 for Emily, all finished for Georgina (until she posts more), and I really owe John as many critiques as I possibly can give him. And I've promised Lorena I'll look at her whole novel starting in two months (when she posts everything).

I've developed a tracking list of critiquers who are amazing and I should remember their name for the next project(s).

I need to cross-reference all the chapter one critiques, create a revision log, and then execute. I'll need to do that for the rest of the chapters too, but I think I should wait for four per chapter. I need to keep revising the blurb. Research what covers in my genre look like on Amazon and develop ideas for my own. Searching for creative-commons available images and build a cover. Read up on how to export into ebook formats.

Oh, and keep on blogging.

It'll be a busy few weeks.