Gaming, Writing, Storytelling

So I was playing Red Markets last Thursday with my online group, doing the planning session for our last job – yes I know we just posted the first ever session, there was a bit of a delay between recording and posting, just go with it, please. The job involves disabling a particular piece of equipment held by the largest political power-house in our area when we don't know where it is. The folks dragging us into this job has at least narrowed down the location to a single building – a really large, government building that we didn't have floor plans for filled with trigger-happy thugs/guards. First order of business? Have a reasonable excuses to get in the building and scout it out a bit.

This is where the intersection of storytelling and writing came in for me.

If my GM hadn't developed the characters in power in this particular locale for us earlier, I wouldn't have had the hooks to know how to manipulate them. If I and the other players didn't weave together a juicy story, built out of in-game fact and fiction, of the gear we could provide the political powers that be, the game could have ground to a halt. Descriptive setting and plot goal from the GM. Characterization and how to get to the goal from the players. Little bit of mediation from random number generators.

This is why I role-play. I like collaboratively telling a story in a structured setting – I like seeing how other people react while working towards a goal.

And then I can turn around and write it up. If I want to.