Writer Neurosis

So I'm at the stage of writing where I've been writing and rewriting my own stuff for so long that I no longer see what's actually on the page anymore. Just what I meant to write. Which means it's time for everything to be posted to a writer's site I'm a part of called Scribophile - more or less it's a big hangout spot on the 'net for folks who write to critique each other's writing. Because who else has the time/inclination? As many a frustrated writer will tell you, it's nearly impossible to get friends or family to read over your work, unless they're writers too. There's the time issue. And the 'what do I say if this sucks?' issue. And, and, and. I suppose you could call Scrib an internet facilitated writer's circle. But any rate, the site works off of an internal currency system (they call it karma, but really, whatever you name it, it's a currency) where you have to spend 5 units to post your writing for other people to critique, which they'll be willing to do because they get roughly 1 unit per critique they write. More if they're verbose in their critique. But, more or less, you have to critique about 5 different pieces of writing in order to post one of yours.

Which is a long way of explaining the back story behind, having posted 17 chunks of up to 3K words each, at 5 currency units a pop, I'm at the stage of:
'Oh gods, nobody's reading it! I am terrible at marketing this! Terrible at enticing people to read my work! I'm never going to get feedback or copy-editing help! I spent so much time reading over other people's stuff, it was all wasted! Wasted!'
'What do you mean people are leaving critiques? Oh shit, people are reading my writing! Baby, love, are you okay, the mean people aren't ripping you to shreds are they?'


Yeah, I try to keep that sort of thing inside my head. ... Right up until I write about it here anyway.