Hello Internet - aka the Author's first post

Hello Internet. 

Welcome to my online home - kick off the shoes and stay a while, I'll try to be entertaining. 

So what's this all about? Well, I write, novellas so far, and I'm hitting that point in a project where the way forward doesn't include any actual writing. It's asking other folks to do line-by-line copy editing because I've been looking at my own project so long that I don't see the actual words on the page anymore, just the ones I meant to write. It's critiquing other folks' work as 'thank you's for that copy editing. It's starting to do market research on what makes a hardboiled mystery cover look like a hardboiled mystery cover and finding creative commons photos. Because I make my own covers and pray I don't end up on Kindle Cover Disasters.

And it's finally emerging from my digital hermit cave to join the social media generation. Which basically means trying out every social media platform that sounds vaguely plausible and seeing what I actually stick with. But this here blog, this is always going to have to be the corner-stone of whatever I do on the web. Because I need to write.