A Video Game post

In my downtime recently I've been playing Civilization VI. It's a pretty good skinner box for me. I've been playing Civilization since the first entry in the series (I think. I might have missed one or two. Definitely since Civilization Alpha Centauri at any rate), so I've got the nostalgia factor. Also I walk into the game knowing the basic goals and moves, so I can start playing from the word go really.

The diplomatic game, which I've never been all that good at, is more finicky for me in this one. How various civilizations feel about you is governed by their leader's personality a lot more than previous games and I'm not so good at catering to people's particular pet issues. I'm not on the coast Norway, I can't build a damn navy!

I've played through a game on the default difficulty (Prince) and had my usual play through. Won the game through a culture victory while aiming for a space victory. Whoops? Civilization has always been a great skinner box for me. I always want to click the button for just one more turn, up until the very end game at which point I'm tired of playing but I'm pushing through turns as fast as I can in order to finish the game. Can't walk away from unfinished games!

Any rate, for the first time in my history with Civilization, I've pushed the difficulty up a step (King).

The game is kicking my butt. 

On the one hand, that's really frustrating that my skill level a this game I've played for years (never mind that it's a new iteration with different interaction between the pieces) is too low to handle the jump up. On the other hand, it's good for my productivity and continued interaction with the world since I'm not looking up three hours later and kicking myself for the next half hour to just get off the game already. The frustration is keeping my sessions to about one hour chunks. Which is much more manageable.

Any rate, it's a game I love that takes up too much of my time and brain space whenever a new edition comes out. What's everyone else playing?