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So I turned in my final version of the GM section of Red Markets last Monday (a day early I might add), and had a signed contract for the history/setting section by Thursday. 😃

I did manage to pull the GM section's word count under 70k — 69,953 to be precise. So that made me happy. But I am definitely ready to not look at the GM section again for at least a month. I'm reasonably sure I've got part of the d100 table memorized. And not any of the entries I wrote either.

So the setting section. This contract is working a little differently than the previous two. The Player's section and the GM's section were complete before Caleb and I had the contracts for those in place. Which let us have exact numbers of words I was responsible for editing, which could also be handed off to me in one file.

The setting section is still being written.

First, let me be clear — that's completely reasonable to me. I have no idea when Caleb started migrating the setting information from his brain to paper, but I'm confident it was after he had a game put together. So you know, after he'd already written over 163K words of rules. Second, not only does he have a day job, but he's also doing the project manager thing on the Red Markets book, in addition to writing.

So this contract, for the first time, has a cap on how many words it covers. I don't know if having a ceiling on his word count is going to be motivating or restraining for Caleb, but the possibility of having to write, edit, proof, and get signed a second contract sure would be for me. What can I say, minor annoyances can motivate some hard goal setting for myself.

Meanwhile, I've got the "History of the Crash" section in hand to edit while Caleb finishes up the setting part. 

And I am in love with the narrator's voice.

I got fourteen pages in before my inner editor finally kicked hard enough that I did my usual first step of enforcing the capitalization guide. (And before anyone asks, it was the double dashes where there should be em-dashes that did it. 1) I blame Scrivener's export function and 2) good grief am I nerd.) I love her sass, I love how unflinching she is, and I love her nerdiness. I was already excited about being involved in publishing Red Markets, but I am so looking forward to Gnat making it out into the wild.

Normally I don't get political on this blog. But if you're in the US and eligible, please, for the love of everything you hold holy, get the fuck out there and VOTE on Tuesday. More importantly, VOTE FOR HILLARY CLINTON. And all the down-ballot races.