RIP My Inbox... Or: What happens when you volunteer to give people stuff

So a while back Partner and I teamed up with a gentleman by the name of Tom on the RPPR forums who was looking to write a quickstart packet for Red Markets. The idea being that we'd put together a short version of the rules, for players and GMs, add in two jobs they could choose from, and have a good product for introducing new players to the system, either at conventions or home games. We've been working on it for five or six months now. 

And now it's ready for play testing.

We're at the point where we need fresh eyes on what we've done to tell us where we missed a bit. What's unclear. What works and what didn't.

To that end, we asked Caleb to mention something in one of his updates to the Red Markets Kickstarter backers.

He wrote an entire update just on the fact that a) we did this and b) we're looking for people to play test this packet. So go email Laura if you're interested.

My poor, poor inbox. 

As of writing this post, I've gotten 70 emails from interested parties. I have never had 70 unread emails in my inbox before. If only 10% of them actually return the questionnaire, that's seven sets of feedback which is amazing. So Partner is busy compiling a list of all the emails, and in a day or two we'll do a big old mail merge into the bcc field with a link to the packet.

I'm so excited.