A Red Market Drabble

The writing prompt (seen on tanif's tumblr):

Image from silent-musings on Tumblr

Image from silent-musings on Tumblr

Pixie looked up at the maze of decaying pipes, girders, and pulleys. The smaller pipes might be salvageable without any equipment — just pull and jerk them off. The team would need to seal the building first though; that’d be loud and the area was still populated enough it’d attract casualties. Probably not the best use of their time. 

Maybe they could auction off the site location and intel on the LifeLines. There had to be an enclave in the area with enough of an industrial base to recycle all this scrap. They’d have to get on that before everything finished rusting out though. Maybe they’d need escort and security services. No reason not to use the crew that’d already done the recon.

Pixie made a note to float the idea past Mort on the walk home. Right now they needed to raid the upstairs office.