More Red Markets Editing

So the capitalization guide has been enforced. All "--"s have been turned into "—"s (I don't know why those bother me so much!) Most spelling issues have been fixed or noted as something to come back to (mostly names which will need to be check against themselves for consistency). All major blocks of green "Microsoft thinks your grammar is wrong" have been looked at and mostly involved telling Microsoft to knock it off. Every it's, its, two, and too has been checked. 

I'm now on the 509th 'to' out of 1280. So far one has been altered. 

I seriously think I need to shuffle the order of my proofing hit-list. Right now it's in "what order did I think of it" order. Which in a lot of ways translates to how ofter I've made those errors in my own writing. One or two are from internet articles of common writing mistakes/typos that I've looked at and gone "yes, I need to include checking that when I edit."

So I think I want to reorganize this list. More or less reverse the current order, so the least common issues will be at the top of the list and the most common at the bottom. This way I'll get the easy mental boost of checking off a completed number on the list early in the editing process and have all those completed sub-tasks when I start the 'to' grind.

Everyone always has a lot of 'to's in their writing. Not that I've looked for conjugations of 'be' in writing, but at this point I could (crankily) believe that 'to' shows up more often than 'be'. (::grumble, grumble::)