I can't. I just can't this week. I need to step back for some self-care.

I'm anxious for myself. I'm anxious for my friends who rely on ObamaCare for access to mental health. I'm anxious for this entire planet re:climate change. I'm anxious for all the LGBT+ folks out there facing renewed assaults on their dignity (best case scenario) if not their physical bodies. I'm anxious for my Muslim fellow citizens, the latest choice of the Other. I'm anxious for the folks at my work who wear the headscarf. I'm anxious for my fellow African-American citizens, this country's largest sin of Othering. I'm anxious for the kid on the metro wearing a balaklava because it's freaking cold — is a cop, much less his fellow citizens, going to take the time to notice he can't be more than 15 years old and just trying to get to school? I'm anxious for my fellow First Nations citizens, this country's original sin in Othering, biological warfare, and genocide. I'm anxious for everyone at Standing Rock, now and when the media leaves them to their fate with an unsafe pipeline. I'm anxious at our turn inward and hardening of our hearts to fellow global citizens, fleeing violence, looking for nothing more than a safe place to be, somewhere to raise a family. I'm anxious for all the women out there, just told that sexual assault wasn't a disqualifying offense for choosing a commander-in-chief. 

I'm anxious that nostalgia for a time that never was drove the choice for president.

I'm anxious that we as a country fell for a con man peddling authoritarian views as simple fixes for complex problems.

I'm anxious that we chose the man endorsed by Russia, North Korea, ISIS, and the KKK.

I'm terrified that hate is winning.

And I just can't this week.