Tool Comparison: Google Docs vs. SquareSpace's Blog App

A couple weeks ago I found out that SquareSpace has an app for iOS to write blog posts on your phone (or iPad). I've been trying it out and have some feels about it.

Oh my freaking gods, it is dang near impossible to select text on this thing.

I don't know what is going on, but every time I try to select a word or just move the bloody cursor back so I can delete or correct text without deleting the two or three words I wrote before noticing my spelling mistake or typos, I end up spending 1-2 minutes fighting with the app to stop freaking switching between edit and non-edit mode and just move the dang cursor!

Look, I still don't type all that great on this swiping keyboard I have installed on my phone. Sometimes the keyboard thinks I mean one thing (for) when no this time I actually do want the other one (four). Sometime, I just completely mistype a thing and out came the wrong word. I need to be able to go back an edit as I write. It's part of how I think.

I did try for a couple posts to write on the app and then do an editing pass through the desktop interface. Let's just say there were more errors than I was happy with in the final post. And like the whole point of using the app, namely to free up time in the evenings to spend with Partner, was negated by having to edit through the desktop. Not because I needed to edit. But because I needed to edit a lot

Now to be fair, I need to compare this with using Google Docs, which also requires using the desktop interface. For a Docs written post I have to a) transfer it over to SquareSpace, b) clear the formatting and take out extra paragraph breaks, and then c) do the editing. Transferring is fast (hurrah copy/paste) and clearing is quick (cntrl+a and a button). Editing after writing the post in Docs is much faster than through the SquareSpace app because I've already done a lot of it. Taking out the extra paragraph breaks is annoying though. Just annoying. Not 'gripping the edges of my phone so I don't start gnawing on it' frustrating like the issue with the cursor has been with the app.

If I had a clear sense on which method chewed up more of my data plan, I'd be factoring that into consideration. But as it is, I think I'll be going back to using Docs and saving the app on my phone for emergencies. Like being at my mother's place with no wifi.